My Strategy

Rebuilding Jackson, MS to be a safe and prosperous city is going to take partnerships. Crime and prosperity go hand in hand and where there is high crime, especially violent crime, there is low prosperity and growth. I think we can all agree that crime is the number one (1) issue plaguing the City of Jackson right now that is keeping us from prospering and stunting our growth. As a law enforcement officer working for the Jackson Police Department and the Hinds County Sheriff’s Office under Sheriff Malcolm McMillin, I have worked on federal task forces with the Federal Bureau of Investigations(FBI) Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (ATF), and the US Marshal Service. I have developed many contacts and formed many relationships on the federal, state, and local levels. All of which would be glad to participate in making the City of Jackson a better place for all of us and our families to live, work, play, and worship. I come from a family of business owners as well as being a business owner myself. My dad owned his own business in the City of Jackson as far back as the 40s, which my brother now owns and operates in Terry, MS. I have owned my own Private Investigation and Security business since 2006 and have made numerous contacts in the business world. I will surround myself with only the best economic specialist, based on their skills and qualifications and not the buddy system, to help put us back on top. I believe together we can bring businesses back to Jackson if we give them a sense of security that their investment, their employees, and their clientele would be safe. We need to put an immediate emphasis on keeping businesses that are already here to keep them from leaving. Please Share Share Share!!! Please like and follow my Facebook Page TANNEHILL FOR MAYOR to learn more about me and details about my campaign. #strongertogether