Credentials and Training

    1978-1979 – Deputy of Hinds County under Sheriff J.D. McAdory
    1980-1990 – Jackson Police Officer
    1992-2006 – Deputy of Hinds County under Malcolm McMillin
        Patrol Division
        Warrants Division
        Intelligence Unit (Formed by Les Tannehill)
        Flex Unit
        Investigations Division, Lieutenant
    FBI Fugitive Task Force, Warrant Officer
    ATF Cease Fire Task Force
    US Marshal’s Task Force
    2013-2016 Part-time Investigator for Simpson County Sheriff’s Office
    2006-Present – Owner of Affirmative Investigations and Security
    2014 – Worked with Barry Scheck’s office in New York on a lawsuit filed by the Innocence Project on behalf of three black males who were wrongfully accused of a 1978 rape and murder.  
    Volunteer with Horses for Handicapped for over 35 years
        Previously served as Vice President
        Previously served as President
    1980 Graduate of the Jackson Police Department Training Academy
    1980 Hinds Community College – 14 Credit Hours
    Police Stress Management Training
    Risk Management Training
    Self-Defense Shooting
    Nationally Certified Mounted Police Instructor
    Undercover Planning for Survival & Success
    Identifying of Potentially Violent Individuals
    Computer Security
    Tactical Training & Building Entry
    Strategic Problem Solving
    Defensive Driving
    Criminal Investigations Training
    Jail Operations Course
    Response to School Violence Training
    Active Shooter Training